Horse riding trips in Italy

There are many options for horse riders who wish to ride when in Italy.

Whether you ride Western or English style, you will find a plethora of options throughout this magical country.

Italy has a long equestrian history

Domesticated horses came to Italy with the ancient Etruscans and Greeks, both influential equestrian cultures of the time. The Etruscans taught the Romans how to utilize horses in war, changing the destiny of the Roman Empire from a foot soldier reliant army to a powerful cavalry military.

Today, travellers can take a trip back in time by taking a horseback excursion through a land rich in stories and mysterious history

Trails are not easily discovered without a local guide, nor are they easily traversed without a sure-footed mount. Luckily most equestrian tourism operations utilize only local guides, or at the very least, guides that have clocked up many hours riding in that area.

Is horse riding on holiday safe?

Rest assured that an experienced guide always has your safety as a priority and will match you with a horse whose temperament will best suit your ability and comfort level.

Equestrian tourism has been undergoing something of a renaissance in Italy in recent years, with horse riding a popular way to explore the many ancient trails that have existed for centuries. These paths were a vital network of trade routes for merchants, soldiers, and farmers and are best explored using the transport means that they were designed for; the horse!
These trails cover varied terrain: rolling expanses of verdant pastures and wildflowers extending off into every direction that the eye can see. You can ride inn-to-inn, visiting different hill-top villages each day, take lunch in a local winery and enjoy authentic cultural experiences with local people.

Here are three great riding excursions for horse lovers visiting Italy.

Spend a morning rounding up cattle with Italy’s last working cowboys -the Butteri.

You will need to arrive early for this authentic cowboy experience.

Riders need to be able to control a horse at all gaits as you may need to chase quickly moving bulls over the Maremma wetlands. Contact us for details

Visit abandoned castles in the South Tirol.
Ride one of the Tirol regions pretty blonde Haflinger horses up the steep paths of the Dolomites. You can take a one hour or half-day ride into the thickly forested mountains on one of these strong and sure-footed horses. Discover ancient ruins and enjoy spectacular panoramic views in all directions.
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haflinger horse riding in italy
Spend a few days in the wild Molise region.
The Molise is one of Italy’s less-explored regions. This area is perfect for adventure riders that are looking to ride for more than one day. Various outfitters in the Molise operate week-long trips on horseback, sleeping at local country inns, and enjoying picnic lunches on the trail.
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