5 Places in Italy that are Must Sees

Italy has so much to offer to its visitors because of its huge historical background, its picturesque and unique culture and, of course, because of its enchanting views and scenarios from the sea to the mountains. We know how hard could be to find the perfect place to see in Italy has there are so Read More

The Perfect Holiday in Brescia

Brescia is the perfect city in Italy for an all around holiday.  Everything you may wish to do while on vacation is nearby this beautiful town situated between Milan and Verona. Looking for a trip on the mountains? Brescia, with its northern part of the province will just amaze you! If you want to ski Read More

Stained Glass Studio in Perugia, Capital of Umbria

We toured Museo Laboratorio Studio Moretti Caselli located in Perugia.  Just before opening the door to the studio there was this cute walkway.  I love all the stone and ancient buildings in Italy.  There is so much character in any Italian city or village. Maddalena Forenza is the daughter and current owner and her mother is Read More

Capital of Umbria Region is Perugia

Umbria’s largest province is Perugia which is the capital city of the region and the province.  The province covers two-thirds of  region.  Along with my travel professionals we arrived in Perugia one night. We ate at La Rosetta the food was very good.  One should be open minded and try something before knowing what it is, otherwise Read More

San Gemini Italy known for its mineral water spring

Recently I had the privilege to go on a tour with travel professionals and journalists to Umbria Region in Italy.  Umbria, know as green heart of Italy. One visit was San Gemini a cute little village, province of Terni, with about 4500 inhabitants. San Gemini is known for its mineral water spring and well-known for its Read More

6 Reasons Why Italy Should Be Your 2017 Destination

If you haven’t traveled to one of the most magical places on earth, it’s long overdue. No one should live their lives deprived of experiencing the sheer beauty and history that Italy has to offer. But as though you actually needed us to twist your arm, here are 6 reasons why Italy should be this year’s Read More

5 Buildings You Can’t Miss in Milan

There are so many things to see and do in Milan! It can overwhelming when you first visit.  But, if you enjoy history and architecture, there’s no better way to begin your journey than with a tour of interesting buildings. Here are five you can’t miss! 1. Sforza Castle. The site of Sforza Castle has Read More

12 Fun Facts about Italy

Every country has a lot of  mysteries which have been always a point of attraction for many people.  However, when it comes to  Italy, one may find numerous facts about Italy which  are informative as well as fun filled for the people who are interested in knowing them. These facts are associated with the country Read More

What to wear when travelling to Italy ask the Italian

Today I want to write about a very popular topic that many of you asked me about, “What should I wear to go to Italy?” It is well known that Italian people are into fashion and aesthetics, maybe because we have been surrounded by magnificent buildings or because we studied a lot of history of Read More

Limited traffic zones in Italy: keep your eyes open!

If you rent a car or you’re experiencing a Ferrari drive in Italy be very careful in the area you are driving. Limited traffic zones or Zone a traffico limitato, as we say in Italian, are very common in most of the cities today in order to help decrease air pollution and traffic jams. These Read More