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Rome and the Year of the Divine Mercy

December 8th will be the start of the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of the Divine Mercy announced by Pope Francis.  What a better opportunity to walk into Rome like millions of pilgrims and saints did in the past! The Via Francigena was the path that connected Canterbury to  Rome.

A beautiful way across the countryside of Italy  passing through stunning little villages and cities like Lucca, San Gimignano, Monteriggioni, Siena to just name a few.

To walk through the Via Francigena is overall an invitation to the young generation which will rediscover, by walking, the  profound meaning of a society built on freedom, respect,  tolerance and solidarity for the others. A deep significance especially in today’s world threatened by international terrorism.  Walking on this routes is for everybody christians , muslims, jews.

The credential
The pilgrim’s credential, together with the Testimonium, are the fundamental documents for the pilgrim.

The credential is a kind of “identity card”, certifying that the person who possesses it is making a pilgrimage to a place of worship. It should always be carried with the pilgrim for him to be identified as a genuine pilgrim and to grant access to refuges. He will grant a stamp in every place where he sleeps, until the end of the walk.

The credential will allow the pilgrim to receive the Testimonium – certifying completion of the pilgrimage – from the appropriate religious authority.

How to get the Pilgrim Credential

1- Purchasing it online at this page

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