The Villas of Tivoli

A few miles from Rome, on the slopes of the Tiburtini mountains, along the banks of the Aniene river, rises the enchanting city of Tivoli. An incredible combination of naturalistic landscapes, impressive architectural works, historical heritage and gastronomic tradition. Tivoli is famous worldwide for its villas. Villa d’Este and Villa Adriana (both UNESCO Heritage) and Read More

Spoleto Second Time Around Better Than The First

As I continued my journey with my travel professionals in the region of Umbria we visited  Spoleto.  I visited this ancient city  in the province of Perugia several years ago in January  without a tour guide.  The second time around was better than the first. Michele continued to be our guide in Spoleto for our Umbria trip.  Read More

Stained Glass Studio in Perugia, Capital of Umbria

We toured Museo Laboratorio Studio Moretti Caselli located in Perugia.  Just before opening the door to the studio there was this cute walkway.  I love all the stone and ancient buildings in Italy.  There is so much character in any Italian city or village. Maddalena Forenza is the daughter and current owner and her mother is Read More

San Gemini Italy known for its mineral water spring

Recently I had the privilege to go on a tour with travel professionals and journalists to Umbria Region in Italy.  Umbria, know as green heart of Italy. One visit was San Gemini a cute little village, province of Terni, with about 4500 inhabitants. San Gemini is known for its mineral water spring and well-known for its Read More

6 Reasons Why Italy Should Be Your 2017 Destination

If you haven’t traveled to one of the most magical places on earth, it’s long overdue. No one should live their lives deprived of experiencing the sheer beauty and history that Italy has to offer. But as though you actually needed us to twist your arm, here are 6 reasons why Italy should be this year’s Read More

12 Fun Facts about Italy

Every country has a lot of  mysteries which have been always a point of attraction for many people.  However, when it comes to  Italy, one may find numerous facts about Italy which  are informative as well as fun filled for the people who are interested in knowing them. These facts are associated with the country Read More

Verona, a city to fall in love with

“There is no world for me outside the walls of Verona, except purgatory, torture, and hell itself. So to be banished from Verona is like being banished from the world, and being banished from the world is death.” –  William Shakespeare   Worldwide known to be one of the most romantic cities all over the Read More

Ancient Rome history comes alive with new App

Article from by Rossella Lorenzi The Appian Way, ancient Rome’s “queen of roads,” is about to enter the digital age as a revolutionary new app launches in two weeks. The audio-only Verba Appia app is available for free on iOS, Android and Windows Phone both in the Italian and English version. Produced by Rome’s Read More

The Year of Roberto Burri in Italy and beyond

Roberto Burri  would have celebrated his 100th birthday on March 12, 2015.   The great informal artist who, thru his lifelong searching on poorest materials – like Jute bags, plastic and tar left a very important contribution to the international artistic panorama of the second world war. The whole year 2015 will be a celebration for Read More

Top 4 Things to See in Florence

Considered as the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence is full of history and heritage. With its incredible architecture and numerous monuments, the UNESCO declared its historic centre as a World Heritage Site in 1982. Attracting millions of visitors every year, Florence and its sumptuous treasures are waiting for you. To get you started, here are Read More