Capital of Umbria Region is Perugia

Umbria’s largest province is Perugia which is the capital city of the region and the province.  The province covers two-thirds of  region.  Along with my travel professionals we arrived in Perugia one night. We ate at La Rosetta the food was very good.  One should be open minded and try something before knowing what it is, otherwise Read More

The Best Italian Cheeses

We all are well-aware of Italians unconditional love for cheese. Whether it is lasagnas, pizzas, pasta, panini or salads, cheese is always present on the table! But among the thousand different types of cheese, some of them have become staples of the Italian cuisine. 1. Mozzarella Known for its delightful softness and incredible freshness, the Read More

A Guide to Italian Olive Oil

Since 1500 A.D., olive oil occupies a prominent place in every Italian household. Its unique fresh and fruity flavors along with its light texture conquered the hearts the entire Roman Empire. Ever since, it has been the basis of most Italian dishes. Used to add savor to sauces, enjoyed as a condiment over grilled vegetables, Read More

Italy Has Chosen Neapolitan Pizza as Its Candidate for Protection under UNESCO’s “Human Treasures”

Naples has long been determined to maintain its reputation as the spiritual home of one of the world’s favorite foods. The Neapolitan pizza was invented in the Southern Regions of Italy between 1715 and 1725, with the world-famous Margherita variation first cooked up in 1889. Loved around the world for its simplicity, the story goes Read More